White Zircon 1920’s 2.69 ct.


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This pendant has a hinged bail with a safety catch, to be worn on pearls or a chain. 1 1/8″ gold disks have been radially hammered. Outside edges receive more hammering creating a potato chip effect.  White Zircon is a natural gemstone, and is the color as comes out of the earth. Large and full of sparkle.  These were cut in the 1920’s and never set till now.  Bezel setting, with hammered texture frame.

Design Details

GOLD – 14k yellow

GEMSTONE – White Zircon from 1920’s

CUT – Round mine-cut

CARAT – 2.69 ct.

SIZE – 8mm

BAIL – Convertible bail with safety catch

OA DIMENSIONS -Diameter 29 mm