Apricot-bronze Drusy Quartz, Golden Pearl


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Baksa Notes

This color drusy quartz is hard to nail down as the color depends on what kind of light it is in. The surface is a covered in very fine crystals which gives it a fairytale apperance.  The Golden Freshwater Pearls are fat drop shapes and have amazing luster. Bezel settings, with hammered texture frames.

Matching Pendant

Design Details

GOLD – 14k yellow

BACKS – Jumbo w/double notched post

GEMSTONE – Apricot-bronze Drusy Quartz

CUT – Pear-shape cabochon

​​​​​​​CARAT – 16.70 ct. tw.

SIZE – 14×19 mm

PEARLS – Golden Freshwater Pearls 22 mm

OA DIMENSIONS – Length 54  mm